Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits – A Comparison

Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits – A Comparison

No matter how often you need to use a drill, you must use the correct type of drill bit for the task at hand. Not only is it essential to invest in high-quality drill bits to achieve accurate and efficient drilling results, but you also need to ensure that the drill bits you use can handle the material you are working with.

Cobalt and titanium drill bits are usually considered among the best options. While they are undoubtedly top choices, many people do not know their differences or what each type of drill bit is used for. We have created this complete guide to cobalt vs titanium drill bits to help you choose the right drill bit for your needs.

We will not only explain the differences between these two popular drill bit types but also dive into the characteristics and advantages they offer. We will also explore what they are designed for, which will help you choose the right drill bit set for your unique needs.

What Are Cobalt Drill Bits?

Cobalt drill bits are incredibly popular, as they offer plenty of qualities needed from a long-lasting drill bit. Typically, a cobalt drill bit is made from high-speed steel (HSS) blended with cobalt to create a high-strength alloy.

When an HSS drill bit is combined with cobalt, the result is a drill bit that is incredibly durable and impressively resistant to heat. The cobalt is added to the high-speed steel to increase the resulting drill bits' overall strength and durability. Not only does this ensure that they last longer, it means that cobalt drill bits can handle hard materials, like stainless steel surfaces, cast iron objects, and other metals and alloys that would be difficult to drill through with a softer drill bit.

What Are the Main Benefits of Cobalt Drill Bits?

To help you choose the type of drill bit that comes closest to meeting your needs, we have highlighted the most prominent benefits that cobalt drill bits offer.

High Heat Resistance

As mentioned, cobalt bits can withstand an impressive amount of heat. This heat resistance makes them a practical choice for any type of drilling application where high temperatures will be generated, like drilling through thick, hard surfaces.

The cobalt content within the drill bit helps dissipate heat throughout it, so it is not concentrated in one area. This reduces the risk that the drill bit will warp or fail when exposed to high temperatures.

Hardness of the Drill Bits

Adding cobalt to the high-speed steel makes it much stronger. This means that cobalt bits can maintain their sharpness for much longer than a basic high-speed steel drill bit. Not only can they handle drilling through much harder surfaces, but cobalt drill bits also tend to last much longer than softer alternatives.


Since cobalt drill bits have high heat resistance and incredible strength, they are versatile. You can also use them to drill various surface materials, including metal, plastic, and even wood. While they are often used for drilling through hard surfaces, a cobalt bit can also handle tasks that are not quite so demanding.

While they are more expensive than a basic high-speed steel drill bit, cobalt drill bits are relatively affordable and can function as reliable, general-purpose drill bits. This explains why they are among the more popular choices for professionals and DIYers.

What Are Titanium Drill Bits? Set of drill bits beside electric drill

Titanium drill bits are also composed of high-speed steel; however, the steel is not combined with another metal, which is the case with cobalt drill bits. Instead, the high-speed steel is coated with a layer of titanium nitride.

Since titanium nitride is strong, it increases the overall hardness of the drill bits, as well as their heat resistance and durability. The titanium coating also changes the color of the drill bits, which is why titanium drill bits have a distinct gold color.

Overall, they are incredibly capable of drilling through most surfaces you would encounter with basic drilling tasks, which is why they are considered to be an all-around drill bit.

What Are the Main Benefits of Titanium Drill Bits?

The following are just some of the benefits that titanium drill bits offer.

Impressive Durability

Thanks to their significant hardness and wear resistance, titanium drill bits have a much longer lifespan than uncoated high-speed steel drill bits. Rather than needing to replace them regularly, they can last for many years, even with daily use.

Low Friction and High Heat Resistance

The low friction coefficient of the titanium nitride coating helps reduce the buildup of heat and friction on the surface of the drill bit. This improves performance and enables titanium drill bits to drill through hard surfaces at high speeds.

Ability to Handle Most Materials

Titanium drill bits last a long time but can also drill through most surfaces; whether working with softer materials, like wood and plastic, or light metals, like aluminum and brass, a titanium drill bit can handle it. They are considered to be an excellent option for general-purpose drilling.

Although a cobalt bit can handle much harder material, a titanium drill bit offers good heat resistance and impressive durability. They are well-suited to most general-purpose drilling tasks but might not be the best option for industrial applications.

Assortment of drill bits

Which Type of Drill Bit Do You Need?

When choosing between cobalt and titanium drill bits, your decision should be based on your drilling needs. Cobalt drill bits offer better heat resistance and are more capable of drilling through hard surfaces. In contrast, titanium drill bits are more affordable and offer impressive versatility and durability.

You may favor a cobalt drill bit set if you need to drill hard materials or use your drill bits professionally. On the other hand, most homeowners and DIYers are more than okay with a good set of titanium drill bits.

Once you have made a decision that is right for your budget and needs, you can shop the SIMPLE WELD Drill Bit Collection to find a set that is right for you! Regardless of your choice, you will find high-quality drill bits that can meet your needs.

Final Words

Consider your unique drilling needs and choose the right drill bit set for you. Investing in a good set that will last is always preferable to purchasing low-quality items you cannot rely upon when buying any type of tool.

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