Collection: Welding Rod

Simpleweld Has the Welding Rods You Need

Simplestik welding rods are designed for use in various applications, including automotive repair, construction, maintenance, and fabrication. These rods are available in different sizes and materials, such as steel, aluminum, and cast iron, to suit different welding needs and requirements. Whether you need a rod for TIG, MIG, or stick welding, we've got you covered.
One of the most popular Simplestik products we carry is the cast iron welding rod, Simplestik #905SP. This rod is specifically designed to be used with cast iron materials, and it provides a strong, reliable bond that is resistant to cracking and splitting.
For aluminum welding applications, we recommend Mohler filler metals E4043. This high-quality aluminum welding rod provides a strong, durable bond that is ideal for a variety of applications in the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries.
Finally, if you need a hard-facing welding rod, look no further than Simplestik #766HS. This rod is designed to provide a tough, wear-resistant surface ideal for high-stress applications in the mining, construction, and oil and gas industries.