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The Top Cut-Off Wheel Tools for Every Job

Introduction to Cut-Off Wheel Tools

Cut-off wheels are affixed to both portable and stationary saws, grinders, and rotary tools. They are the mechanism that allows these tools to cut through hard surfaces. Below, we’ll explain each type of cut-off wheel tool, their applications, the types of jobs they’re differentially suited for, and how to select the right ones.

Top Cut-Off Wheel Tools for Metal Cutting

Cut-off wheels can be used with grinders, saws, and rotary tools. We detail each type below.


There are corded angle grinders and cordless grinders. Corded angle grinders rotate cut-off wheels to cut through material. They’re set at a 90-degree angle, which makes them more compact than their vertical counterparts. Cordless grinders are simply that: they’re hand-held and battery-operated.

There are also small and large grinders belonging to either category. Smaller ones are for smaller jobs; bigger ones are for jobs that require higher power output and precision.


There are both chop saws and circular saws.

Chop saws are the ones that you probably imagine right away when you think of a saw. They are either stationary or handheld and are used to cut through various hard surfaces. Circular saws are only handheld and require extra skill and finesse.

Rotary Tools

Rotary tools are one of the primary vehicles for cut-off wheels to operate. The cut-off wheels attach to a mandrel, which attaches to the rotary tool.    

Dremel tools go hand-in-hand with cutting wheels. The cutting wheel gets affixed to the Dremel’s mandrel, and the Dremel is ready to cut materials such as metal (including steel), wood, and ceramic.

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Top Cut-Off Wheel Tools for Concrete Cutting

Yes, cutting wheels can sear into concrete. If they can cut into steel, they can do anything, right?

Some of the best cutting wheel tools for concrete cutting include saws: walk-behind and handheld. Handheld saws are portable, and portability is ideal when cutting concrete, brick, or asphalt. Walk-behind saws are large and powerful and meant for larger jobs. They’re typically used for pavement – including sidewalks and driveways – or large foundations such as basement and warehouse floors.

Concrete grinders are also highly conducive to using cutting wheels. Grinders are spinning abrasive discs that you would use to cut through hard surfaces, most often metal.

Diamond blades are saw blades with a similar purpose: to wield an incredibly sharp tool that can cut through hard surfaces with astonishing precision.

cutting tile using angle grinder cut-off wheel

Top Cut-Off Wheel Tools for Tile Cutting

The tools you would use for tile cutting are, by and large, very similar to those you’d use for concrete cutting. They include tabletop and handheld tile saws, tile cutters, and diamond blades. Their mode of operation is pretty similar to that of concrete cutting.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cut-Off Wheel Tool

You should consider the following factors when selecting your cutting wheel tool:

  • Type of material to be cut
  • Cutting speed
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Budget

First, let’s start with the type of material you’ll be cutting. It’s important to ask what the material is, how hard it is, and whether it’s easy or difficult to cut. For instance, you would choose a different cutting wheel for aluminum than you would for high-speed steel.

Since aluminum is lightweight, you’d want to choose an aluminum cutting wheel (the same material!) to get the job done effectively. Regarding the right tool to use with the cutting wheel for aluminum jobs, you should attach the cutting wheel to the proper grinder.

Cutting speed is another crucial factor. How fast does the cutting wheel need to operate for the particular material/job? There are different tools for different jobs with differing speeds. Silicon carbide wheels, for instance, are conducive to high-speed jobs, and the tools they attach to would be angle or bench grinders.

Durability is yet another vital factor. The most durable cutting wheels are diamond abrasives. They are used with rotary tools such as rotary grinders or saws.

Portable cutting wheel tools include the right type of angle grinders – these would be battery-powered grinders, which are also very budget-friendly.


What is the best cutting wheel tool for metal cutting?

Grinders, saws, and rotary tools are ideal for cutting metal due to their strength and precision.

What is the best cutting wheel tool for concrete cutting?

Saws, grinders, and diamond blades are all suitable for cutting through concrete. These blades must be exceptionally strong and durable.

What is the best cutting wheel tool for tile cutting?

Tile saws, tile cutters, and diamond blades are tools that will adequately cut through various types of tile.

Can cut-off tools cut stone?

Absolutely! You will need to look for one with a diamond blade to ensure it is strong enough to cut through stone without breaking.

Do I need a different type of blade for different materials?

Yes, very much so. Whether it’s a saw, diamond blade, grinder, or any other tool, the cutting wheel will need to be specific to the job, in other words, the material you’re cutting.

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