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Simplestik #808FC Brazing Rod

Simplestik #808FC Brazing Rod

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Simplestik 808FC is the industry’s most advanced, easy-to-use, brazing alloy for repairing steel, stainless, cast iron, malleable, brass and copper. The weld deposits are high-strength, ductile, corrosion-resistant, and easily machined. This multi-temperature alloy is easily controlled at low heat for the build-up of equipment parts such as gear teeth, bearings, shafts, valve seats, wedge bars, and steering knuckles. Its wear-resistant properties make it a great choice for overlaying parts subject to frictional wear. 808FC flows thin at higher temperatures for repairing tight fitting joints such as fuel tanks, iron and steel castings, hydraulic fittings, mill cutters, pipe, and tubes. It is excellent for repairing lawn furniture, scooters, and bicycles. The premium flux-coating tins easily and fuses well producing brazed joints with higher tensile strength than most welds. It requires no dipping or prep work and is an excellent replacement for high-cost silver brazing alloys.

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